Welcome to SB Blue!

Welcome to SourceBans Blue a fresh and advanced SourceBans based on SourceBans++
and released for free to all members of "The Lounge", an HVH Provider Hangout.

What is SB Blue?

SourceBans Blue is a modded version of SourceBans++ developed by AVENTUM - the world's largest HVH provider. SourceBans Blue has added features like dynamic page-builder via admin panel, region display for servers, and advanced tracking of staff activity. Also SEO boosting comes with it.


Why SB Blue?

We, AVENTUM, figured that SourceBans++ is already a great tool for managing your players. But certain features aswell as outdated options and code just did not fit our needs anymore. At over 130.000 players in 2020, AVENTUM is the largest HVH provider out there, and has certain minimum requirements. That is, why we started SourceBans Blue.

Star V2 Theme

Star V2 Theme

Of course you won't be stuck with default SourceBans theme in ugly brown and grey colors. We will provide the Star V2 Theme by Bootstrapdash and AVENTUM to you - in all of it's glory!


How SB Blue works

It's basically SourceBans++ but better. In SBPP you can not choose a region for your servers, making it hard for new players to know what latency they should expect when clicking "join". SB Blue therefor is based on SBPP but enhanced and fixed in many places.